Alessandro Ruscitto

International Sales Manager

Alessandro Ruscitto is a highly experienced International Sales and Marketing Manager with over 40 years in the aerospace and defense industry. Alessandro holds an Engineer’s Degree in Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II, and prior to his sales career, he served as a commissioned Officer in the Italian Navy, notably operating the STOVL AV8-B-Plus fleet aboard the first Italian Aircraft Carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi.

After successfully serving in the Italian Navy for 13 years, Alessandro transitioned his skills to a sales role with RIGEL, an engineering solutions provider for Fincantieri and the Italian Ministry of Defense. Alessandro’s experience and success led him to join BARCO as their International Sales Manager for multiple markets, including Defense, Air Traffic Control, and Avionics. While at BARCO, he also held the position of Key Account Manager for the Italian Group Leonardo. Alessandro’s expertise in the industry led to his next venture with ESTERLINE, where he was assigned to the Avionics Platform and CMC international sales team, securing a remarkable $24 million contract for the C27J avionics suite in 2015.

Alessandro’s extensive expertise in the aerospace and defense industry makes him an exceptionally valuable resource for ArgonFDS customers who are developing solutions for these end-users. With his experience and unique perspective, he can provide valuable insights and guidance that our clients have found essential in successful project development. Alessandro’s deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies positions him as a subject matter expert in this field, and his contributions to the development process are unmatched.