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Digital KVM Switch Fiber Optic Extender

Long Distance Extension of Video or USB for C5ISR Platforms

Main Features
▸ Remote Placement of Operator Displays and Input Devices
▸ Long Distance USB and DVI runs up to 400m
▸ Local Loopback at Transmitter
▸ Video Resolution up to 1900 x 1200 @ 60Hz
▸ Remote DDC Support
▸ AC & DC Power Inputs

▸ Fixed & Rotary Wing Aircraft
▸ Naval & Maritime Vessels
▸ Transportation
▸ Oil & Gas
▸ Industrial & Manufacturing

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ArgonFDS offers a digital rugged fiber optic extender package for Command & Control applications where long distance runs of DVI and USB signals are required. ArgonFDS’ rugged Transmitter takes DVI and USB inputs from a local workstation, converts the signals, and transmits them over a fiber optic connection. On the downstream side, the rugged Receiver accepts the fiber optic input and reproduces the USB and DVI signals with virtually no latency. Together, the extender set provides excellent two way communication. This allows a workstations keyboard, pointing device, and display to be located up to 400m away.


ArgonFDS’ Rugged Fiber Optic Extender product provides reliable, low-latency transmission and implements an effective solution for remote placement of operator displays and input devices. These units are typically sold in conjunction with our rugged KVM Switch.


Computer Ports1x DVI, 1xUSB2.0 (multiplexed USB for keyboard & pointer)
CommunicationDVI-I, USB 2.0, Fiber Optic
Max Resolution1900x1200 @ 60Hz
ControlAutomatic, DDC Supported
Device SupportHID
Overall Unit
Dimensions (Typical)TX: 9.5" x 7.5" x 1.4"

RX: 10.3”x7.5”x1.4”
WeightTX 2.00 lbs

RX 2.25 lbs
Power Input110/220VAC Input
Power Consumption5W Max
ConnectorsMIL Circular / DVI-I / Rugged Fiber Optic
EnclosureAluminum, Enclosed
(Designed to meet, but is not limited to, the following selected specifications)
Operating Temp0oC to +60oC
Storage Temp-40oC to +70oC
ShockMIL-STD-901D, Grade A
VibrationMIL-STD-167-1, 33Hz
EMI/EMCDesigned to MIL-STD-461E
Altitude20k ft Operating, 40k ft Non-Operating
HumidityOperating & Storage : 95%, 25oC Condensing