Rugged Peripherals

Rugged Peripherals

Experience the power of resilience and agility with ArgonFDS's high-grade rugged peripherals. Our comprehensive suite extends beyond standard ruggedized monitors and computers, encompassing a wide array of peripherals designed to enhance and fortify your operational capabilities. Whether you require data input devices, multi-channel communication switches, or advanced connectivity extenders, we have solutions tailored to your needs. These robust peripherals are meticulously engineered for various applications across diverse environments—sea, air, land, or even outer space. With ArgonFDS, expect steadfast performance in any circumstance.

In addition to our rugged display monitors and computers, we offer a diverse range of peripherals to support your varied applications.

Our NAIP EAL4 Certified Rugged KVM Switches assure information security when required most. These 4-port devices (DVI and USB) are ideal for HMI control over remote computers, effectively reducing manpower requirements and enabling computer control in remote or challenging environments.

For scenarios where large distances separate the HMI and remote computers, we provide a Transmitter/Receiver pair equipped with Fiber Optic transmission.

We also offer a versatile family of Rugged Keyboards suitable for nearly any application. From the compact yet highly durable ARK100 to the larger, adaptable ARK200, our keyboards come with a variety of NVIS compatible, sealed, backlit keypads, indicators, buttons, and an integrated trackball. They also feature various options such as I/O (USB, PS/2, RS-232/422), pointing devices, mounting schemes, and even 19" rack mount hinges. As with all ArgonFDS products, we are happy to customize the keyboard to meet your specific needs.

ArgonFDS is committed to meeting your unique requirements and has provided customers with custom rugged peripherals, including handheld pointing devices and video converters. We are open to considering any peripheral project that requires ruggedization or other unique modifications.