ARK100 Rugged Keyboard

Rugged Computer Peripherals When You Need Them

Main Features
▸ Extremely Small Mechanical Outline
▸ Low Weight
▸ Rubber Sealed, Backlit Keys
▸ USB, RS-232 or PS/2 Communications
▸ Pigtail or Military Connectors
▸ Hinged Mounting Options

▸ Fixed & Rotary Wing Aircraft
▸ Naval & Maritime Vessels
▸ Military Ground Vehicles
▸ Transportation
▸ Oil & Gas

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ArgonFDS has developed small, lightweight and compact family of keyboards for rugged military environments. Our keyboards are resistant to penetrating materials such as sand, dust and liquids. A variety of keyboards can be selected for different languages, backlighting schemes, key force and travel.

The enclosure is made of bent, welded aluminum for the top assembly and a milled aluminum plate for a secure bottom plate that provides a solid base that is resistant to bending motions and can be bolted down. Pictured (right) is a compact version for table mount or stow away. The customer may select a variety of indicators or buttons depending on the application.

We provide an optional sealed pointing device, or the customer can specify.


Overall Unit
Dimensions12.0” x 7.0 ”x 0.75” Typical (Can be customized)
Weight~2.8 lbs
Power Consumption1W Typical
KeyboardRubber over Buttons, Sealed, Select Language
InterfaceUSB, RS-232or PS2
KeysBacklit and Dimmable
Actuation Force200 Grams
Key Travel0.055 Inches
Key Lifetime10 Million Cycles
Pointing DeviceSealed Micro Joy Stick
OtherCustomizations And Adaptations Available On Request
(Designed to meet, but is not limited to, the following selected specifications)
Operating Temp-40oC to +60oC
Storage Temp-40oC to +70oC
Shock40g, 11msec
Vibration2.25grms Random
Altitude20k ft Operating, 40k ft Non-Operating
Salt Fog, Sand/DustResistant to Salt Fog, Unit is 100% Enclosed
HumidityOperating & Storage – 95% @ 40°C, Non-Condensing